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Q: How do you practice a higher standard of pain management?
A: The higher standard of practice at Sonoran Pain Management starts with each new patient having a consultation visit with our board-certified Medical Director, Minesh Zaveri, DO. Beginning with the first visit, Dr. Zaveri and his team are committed to finding the source of the patient’s pain. Using a variety of treatment options Dr. Zaveri lowers the dependency on opiods (also commonly known as pain killers) while providing relief. He understands how pain can affect your daily activities and will work toward managing your pain level to help you improve your quality of life.

Q: Do you prescribe pain medication?
A: Yes; however, patients are not guaranteed a prescription at the time of their visit. Each patient is different and the decision to prescribe opioids (also known as pain killers) is made by the physician.

Q: What are other treatment options?
A: There are several options to treat pain without the risk of addictive prescription drugs. During your visits our providers will help you understand all the treatment options available for your specific pain. You can learn more about the treatments under the “Services” tab on the website.

Q: Do you accept patients with medical marijuana card?
A: Yes. Patients who are using medical marijuana card may be candidates for other treatment options. Patients are allowed to either use their medical marijuana card or be prescribed opioids (i.e. pain killers), but not both.




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