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Patient Success Stories

At Sonoran Pain Management, we have helped many people throughout the Phoenix Valley reduce, manage or eliminate their pain symptoms. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our patients have to say.

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Brittany Dyke, Phoenix

“Dr. Zaveri turned my life around. My pain level is down and can be managed with low dose medications.”

“During my senior year of high school, I began to experience hip and knee pain. I was active in clubs at school, but had trouble participating because I couldn’t climb up the stairs or stand for long periods of time. My pain continued to increase to the point where I was not able to get out of bed or a chair. I went to a number of physicians who suggested that I lose weight. After three years of pain, I went to an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with melorheostosis, a rare condition that affects one in a million people and is characterized by bone growing over bone and soft tissue.

For a year, I took so much pain medication that I hardly remember that time in my life. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Zaveri, who suggested that I stop taking my pain medication and start participating in the trial of a spinal cord stimulator. I was hesitant, but I trusted Dr. Zaveri and his recommendations. I had the spinal cord stimulator device implanted and now I go in every two to three months to have it adjusted. My pain level is down and can be managed with low dose medications.

Dr. Zaveri turned my life around. He convinced me to try the spinal cord stimulator, so I could have a better life instead of being in a fog from pain medications for the rest of my life.”

Cheryl Starky, Phoenix

“I have absolutely no doubt that Dr. Zaveri saved my life.”

“I had been in pain for six years after my nerves were affected during a discectomy. I cannot count the number of doctors I went to see for help with my pain. Procedure after procedure, injections and medications did not make a difference. When I came to see Dr. Zaveri at Sonoran Pain Management, I was taking so much pain medication that I had to be admitted into St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center for detox. When I completed my treatment, I called Dr. Zaveri and we began the fight to relieve my chronic pain. He never gave up on me. Now I have the tools to fully live my life. The words, ‘thank you,’ do not come close to the appreciation I feel. It may sound a bit over-dramatic, but I have absolutely no doubt that Dr. Zaveri saved my life.”

Dawn Jones, Cottonwood

“My experience with Dr. Zaveri has been life changing. You can tell he cares.”

“I was hit head-on by a drunk driver when I was 18 years old, and I have been trying to manage my pain ever since. I experience headaches, and I suffer from a bulging disc and arthritis — just to name a few issues. I was unable to take long car rides, exercise and enjoy my life with my family. My primary care physician tried to manage my pain using medications until I was referred to Dr. Zaveri. I was one of Dr. Zaveri’s first patients at Sonoran Pain Management, and I began feeling better the day after my first treatment. Now, three years later and after multiple treatments, I can go on long distance trips in the car alone. I went back to swimming and cooking. My experience with Dr. Zaveri has been life changing. You can tell he cares and wants you to have an active life.”

Patricia Oliver, Phoenix

“I trust Dr. Zaveri and his team to help me with my chronic knee and back pain.”

“I have been suffering from chronic knee and back pain since 1997 caused by arthritis. I’ve tried taking Advil, Tylenol and Ibprofen for the treatment of my arthritis, but that did not make a difference for my pain. I was referred by my primary care physician to Dr. Zaveri about a year ago. The pain program at Sonoran Pain Management has helped to reduce my pain. I have had several treatments including orthovisc injections and genicular nerve blocks. My pain has been reduced through Dr. Zaveri’s program. I have a monthly visit to the office and regularly scheduled treatments. The friendly staff at Sonoran Pain Management and the Pain Lab at St. Luke’s Medical Center has been wonderful. The staff is very welcoming and makes me feel comfortable every visit. I would recommend Dr. Zaveri and his team for the treatment of chronic pain.”

We love to hear from you!

We love to hear from our patients and appreciate them taking the time to provide us with feedback about their experience. We value this information and strive to provide our patients with a compassionate and caring experience at every visit.

Share your story, now!




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